A teenage boy tried to out the vampire next door in this campy 80's horror flick. The vamp raises the stakes by stealing the teen's girlfriend and soon everyone is out for blood. Might Fright Night delight? Hear us sink our teeth into it.

When does Death Become Her? How does Death Become Her? Why does Death Become Her? And who is her? This isn't just another Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn CGI-ridden goofball comedy... or is it? Hear a guest brain tell us the answers! Hint: Do you know what they do to soft, bald, overweight Republicans in prison, Ernest?

Sharp-tongued store clerks shoot the sh*t in this slacker gen-X comedy. Kevin Smith's debut influenced a generation of indie filmmakers but is it worth being a repeat customer? Join the Brains as they take on the phenomenon of Clerks, wherever you buy chewing gum.

Disney accidentally launches 5 kids into space (but only three are propelled to stardom) in this feel good family flick from '86. Are Space Shuttle movies still out of this world?

Have the brains reviewed enough movies to say this is a Beastmaster/Ferris Bueller's Day off mashup? Are they mature enough to say it takes more than Michelle Pfeiffer eye candy to make a movie worthwhile? Tune in for a real beast of a fantasy.

John Goodman plays a larger than life B-movie maker in Joe Dante's not quite coming-of-age homage to 1950's creature features. When the film with a film is better than the film itself, will the Brains even care... or has the radiation poisoning already set in?

Jeff Goldblum plays an insect who dreamt he was a man and loved it. But now the dream is over and the insect is awake. Be afraid. Be very afraid. We bring in a second Sam for our best review yet!

Denzel stars as an out of work mechanic turned detective in this 1940's film noir adaptation of Walter Mosley's first "Easy" Rawlins book. Does the film deserve glory, or is it much ado about nothing? Hear us discuss the little things.

Nora Ephron and Rob Reiner examine the age-old question of whether or not men and women can be 'just friends.' The answer: this Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan masterpiece. Come have what we're having, wherever you listen to podcasts.

Paul Newman (salad dresser extraordinaire to the Gen Z crowd) plays a downtrodden alcoholic attorney trying to redeem his soul on a legal long shot. David Mamet writes and Sidney Lumet directs this courtroom procedural... jury deliberation shouldn't take long. See if you agree with our non-binding resolution, where you listen to podcasts.

Bruce Willis makes a name for himself in a feel-good Christmas movie released in summer, 1988. Alan Rickman debuts as the leader of 'who said we were' terrorists in this machine-gun heavy, super-heist action flick. Yippee-Ki-Yay... (tune in for the rest, where you listen to podcasts).

Hearts-of-the-what now? Jeff Bridges is a wannabe Western writer who seeks experience being a real dude in Nevada. He quickly runs afoul of grifters & actors and tosses his typewriter for Hollywood cowboy capers. Is it a worthwhile yarn or should these dogies get along down the trail? Tune in, tenderfoot.

Four months before A Nightmare On Elm Street, Dennis Quaid was diving into dreams to best the baddies and impress a cute co-worker in this poli sci-fi thriller. Is the second PG-13 film ever, worth the déjà vu? Three dreamy guys discuss.

We're starting now so you should Go. Do you need to Go? You should try to Go now. This will be your last chance to Go for awhile. Hear the three of us Go.

Disney hid their identity but left their feelgood fingerprints all over this goofy all-night scavenger hunt. The debut of a retainer-wearing Michael J. Fox disrupts an all-college (all-cliché) crew. Is it still fun, or would Threepio be right to say, "This is madness"? Hear us lose our marbles.

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