Hearts-of-the-what now? Jeff Bridges is a wannabe Western writer who seeks experience being a real dude in Nevada. He quickly runs afoul of grifters & actors and tosses his typewriter for Hollywood cowboy capers. Is it a worthwhile yarn or should these dogies get along down the trail? Tune in, tenderfoot.

Four months before A Nightmare On Elm Street, Dennis Quaid was diving into dreams to best the baddies and impress a cute co-worker in this poli sci-fi thriller. Is the second PG-13 film ever, worth the déjà vu? Three dreamy guys discuss.

We're starting now so you should Go. Do you need to Go? You should try to Go now. This will be your last chance to Go for awhile. Hear the three of us Go.

Disney hid their identity but left their feelgood fingerprints all over this goofy all-night scavenger hunt. The debut of a retainer-wearing Michael J. Fox disrupts an all-college (all-cliché) crew. Is it still fun, or would Threepio be right to say, "This is madness"? Hear us lose our marbles.

Johnny Depp steps into the near silent role of a Keaton/Chaplin revivalist in this quirky flick. Did the director step our of line making a mental health rom-com? Is it enough for a movie to have heart and a charismatic cast, or did they get a bit too nutty in portraying "nuts"? Listen to us analyze this.

Tim Burton reimagined the superhero movie with this graphic-novelesque caped crusader tale. In a world supersaturated with the genre does Keaton's Batman need revisiting? Join us for a little song, a little dance and some witty banter, per chance.

Tom Cruise is a newbie lawyer who joins a crooked firm in this bestseller turned blockbuster. With enough star power to fuel ten movies this case should be open and shut, but is it? The jury is out, hear us deliberate.

What makes a movie memorable? The Brains recall all the offscreen action around this moviegoing experience. Join us for surprises, revelations, and eventually some analysis of Carl Weather's first leading role. Don't save this steaming turkey for Thanksgiving--have it now!

Super Duper Sonny Hooper is a fearless, aging stuntman about to be one-upped by the new kid in town. Burt Reynolds smiles his way through this lighthearted action flick, but can his car make the jump... into the hearts of 21st century filmgoers?

Albert Brooks finds himself on trial in the afterlife in this tightly scripted postmortem romcom. With Meryl Streep and Rip Torn flawlessly costarring one has to winder if this film needs any defense. Hear us judge.

From skid row scamp to rich Hollywood "Tramp," Robert Downey Jr. portrays Charlie Chaplin living out the immigrant's dream in America. This groundbreaking filmmaker was not without his flaws, but did they carry over to his star-studded biopic? We are not silent about this film.

(Free on Amazon Prime, Randy.)

Charles Bronson plays an itinerant, laconic bare-knuckle boxer during the Depression in this acclaimed fight flick. James Coburn occupies the opposite side of the spectrum as his verbose, gambling-addicted loudmouth of a (mis)manager digging himself out of a hole with gangsters. Is the movie still a knockout or does it barely scrape by?

Controversial as he was transcendent, Ali goes for a "Rumble in the Jungle" to reclaim his stripped title. Put on your headphones and let 3 non-boxing brains nibble your ear. Is this flick a rope-a-dope? Or worth another round?

Christian Slater is a teenage loner who kicks the proverbial hornet's nest at his new high school while airing his teen angst over pirate radio. Should you tune in "Hard Harry's" Gen X broadcast and Pump Up The Volume or switch it off? Everybody knows... do you?

A punk rock sci-fi comedy satire starring Emilio Estevez and Harry Dean Stanton! Genius filmmaking or just a plate of shrimp? Hear our special guest reviewer philosophize.

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