Michael Douglas is Falling Down, Falling Down. A not so crazy movie about a guy going crazy, but are we crazy about it? You'll never know...unless you listen.

How many duck puns are too many duck puns? We have a quick quack about it. We duckscuss. We wing it.  But be warned... we may get fowl-mouthed. Ok, that's enough.

Woody Allen's joke-a-second Russian/Napolean war comedy, better than borscht? We stew on it.

The UK original - Colin Firth loves soccer more than anything, does that make the film lovable? We kick around the idea.

Swashbuckling time-traveling thieves team up with a boy to loot history...Terry Gilliam silliness or genius? We figure it out.

Trippy French Sci-fi - the most imaginative film of '95? Or not? We share our thoughts on stolen dreams and siamese twins.

Verbal abuse and gut-wrenching drama. Pacino, Lemmon, Baldwin at their best? Or not? You'll buy our babble...for free.

A Friday the 13th knockoff with the most unforgettable horror movie ending of the '80's? Or not? Hear our teeth chatter!

This not so porky pig wants to be a sheepherder. Cutest movie of 1995? or not? Listen to us squeal.

The best horse racing gambling movie of the 1980's starring Richard Dreyfuss, or not? We'll discuss the odds.

A NYC gang on the run has to get back to their turf - movie history, or not? We have spoken.

James Caan is crusty robber looking to get out. Outdated or underrated? We decide!

The best movie of 1987? Inconceivable! or not? Reviewed...as you wished. 

Patrick Swayze is the sexy bouncer who cleans up a backwater town - the perfect movie? Or not?  Hear us fight about it!

Danny DeVito and Arnold...what more could people want? Or not? We'll be the judge of that.

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