The Coen Brothers' debut features Frances McDormand in a gritty, botched murder mix-up. Is it too simple? Too bloody? Hear us close the case on Blood Simple. 

Roy Scheider captains this box office bomb about driving volatile explosives through South American jungle.  Buried by Star Wars and blasted by critics in 1977, Stephen King and cinephiles claim it was never a dud.  We pick through the rubble for the truth.

Peter Jackson's more alive than dead splatstick zombiefest is also a love story? Find out if we like 'em gory.

Escaped convict, Kevin Costner and a young boy bond on the run, with a bevy of Texas Rangers in haphazard pursuit. See if you agree with our take on Clint Eastwood's movie magic.

Animal Telepathy can really take you places. In the case of “Dar” - saving a city from barbarians, rescuing a slave girl from a sorcerer, and making friends with bat people. Being a well-oiled bodybuilder is just a bonus, apparently.

Two schmucks, a stiff and a beach house.  Stir ingredients and bake on medium for 90 minutes.  Comedy is a “piece of cake!”

Reese Witherspoon steals the Election. We cast our vote on this high school movie made for adults.

Harrison Ford runs amuck amidst the Amish. A witless mess? Or a mess of wit? Witness our studious tomfoolery.

"We have come here to chew bubblegum and review films... and we are all out of bubblegum."

A mouse and rat race against time. A tiny scale epic tale. Does it squeak by on nostalgia? Or is it an outdated mouse turd?  You’re only a whisker away from finding out!

Did Marlon Brando’s infamous performance ruin the Western forever?  Did he find a BFF in Jack Nicholson?  We do more than just horse around this episode.

Board game or clever whodunit? We solve the mystery... in the Library, with the Candlestick.

No, not boron.

Michael Douglas is Falling Down, Falling Down. A not so crazy movie about a guy going crazy, but are we crazy about it? You'll never know...unless you listen.

How many duck puns are too many duck puns? We have a quick quack about it. We duckscuss. We wing it.  But be warned... we may get fowl-mouthed. Ok, that's enough.

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