Dustin Hoffman is out of the pen and claims he's going legit. When his sour parole officer serves him a double dose of "doubtful hard ass," all bets are off. Is a crime spree nature versus nurture? Is working straight time hard than doing hard time? Check in with us!

We Three Kings of film review are

Talkin' about Ice Cube & costars...

Wahlberg, Clooney, & gold robbery.

Still a film above par?

It takes a campy zombie movie to prove that true love never dies, but it sometimes comes back from the dead and tries to eat your brains! This early zombie flick helped define the genre but should it be resurrected? Feast on this!

A whole lotta Liotta, De Niro, and Pesci make Scorsese's screenplay sizzle. Does one of the best films of the 90's stand tough, or back away from The Brains' ruthless brand of review? Do we amuse you?

"Weird Al" parodies 1980's pop culture in this skit-ish sketch-fest co-starring a not-yet-Kramer, Michael Richards. A Free Spatula or a drink from the firehose for our first listener!

Meat-eating sandworms atttack A-listers Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward in this horror comedy B-movie. On paper it's drier than old Nevada cow dung - so what makes this flick so fun? Graboid your head out of the sand and into our brains.

Big accents and even bigger hair abound in this 80's flick from Jonathan Demme. Michelle Pfeiffer wants out of the mob and the don offing her husband is just the beginning of the ensuing hijinks. Is this rare comedy from Demme a hit or does it sleep with fishes?

Tragedy exposes the flaws of an outwardly perfect family in Robert Redford's directorial debut. Can heartfelt grief, forgiveness, and recovery still draw an audience in our superhero/sequel/reboot-addicted era? Tune in for another therapeutic review.

Before he was The Crow, Brandon Lee single-footedly kicked the ass of each and every bad guy in this martial arts mishmash. (The inaccurately titled) Rapid Fire inadvertently explores B-movie existentialism: "If the fighting is good enough, do you even need a plot?” We know the answer. Do you?

Studio Ghibli - known for creativity and dazzling animated mythology - also created this uncomplicated tearjerker. Wars not make one great; what might it take to make a war movie great? Brainstorm with the boys on this not-so-childish cartoon.

Jack Nicholson must be insane to think an asylum is an escape from a prison work farm. He's shocked to learn how wrong he was when he tangles with Nurse Ratched in a battle fo wills. Lay back on the couch, close your eyes and tell us how your feel about this mind-bending review.

Getting sucked into a video game is every kid's dream. Turns out every movie reviewer too. Jeff Bridges takes a byte out of crime in this cyber-adventure. Is Version 1.0 still the best? Unencrypted answer if you log on, User.

Realty unravels for a rich playboy after surviving a car cash and then being accused of killing his dream girl. Penelope Cruz costars in this and the US remake, Vanilla Sky. We unplug from the Matrix to bring you our best review yet... again.

Odds are you haven't seen Clive Owen's debut: a neo-noir casino crime story about a croupier with a sense of morality as random as the roulette wheel he spins. Is it worth another round? Place your bets and tune in for the answer.

Tom Hanks and Shelley Long go wrong when they buy a home for a song. Is this fixer-upper comedy still worth the time? We tear down The Money Pit in this wreck of a review.

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