Before Daniel Craig's gritty incarnation, James Bond was a suave Pierce Brosnan, with double the double entendre. His first turn as 007 is also the first to stray from Ian Fleming's writing. Did the end result poke a franchise in the eye or procure a debonair delight?

It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it.

It's a showdown at the Ok Corral as we present our first Versus episode.  Tombstone vs Wyatt Earp.  "Same same but different." Which one will end up in a pine box? Hear us shoot from the hip on this Western trip.

The plot thickens. Hitchcock eschews MacGuffins for laughs in this "who-is-gonna-get-away-with-what" flick. Is his final film a firework or a fizzler? Listen to us Ooo and Ahh.

Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh team up to beat up the bad guys. Need we say more? Well, we do.

Ernest Dickerson's directorial debut features four friends struggling to gain respect in Harlem. Is their "cure" worse than the disease? Can too much juice be worse than none at all? We discuss Tupac's first leading film role days after his should be 49th birthday. May he rest in power on this Juneteenth.

Eddie Murphy is a quick thinking, wise-cracking, rule-breaking detroit cop solving crime in L.A., but does a teenage girl even care? A guest brain weighs in. 

Steve Martin channels his inner Lily Tomlin in this soul swapping comedy. 80's schtick or still-good pic? We decide... All of us.

This clever adaptation serves as a springboard for Clooney and Soderbergh. Is it a crime this burglary pic has fallen out of sight and out of mind?

Save Ferris? A teenage guest reviewer tells us if John Hughes's classic school-skipping comedy still makes the grade.

The Coen Brothers' debut features Frances McDormand in a gritty, botched murder mix-up. Is it too simple? Too bloody? Hear us close the case on Blood Simple. 

Roy Scheider captains this box office bomb about driving volatile explosives through South American jungle.  Buried by Star Wars and blasted by critics in 1977, Stephen King and cinephiles claim it was never a dud.  We pick through the rubble for the truth.

Peter Jackson's more alive than dead splatstick zombiefest is also a love story? Find out if we like 'em gory.

Escaped convict, Kevin Costner and a young boy bond on the run, with a bevy of Texas Rangers in haphazard pursuit. See if you agree with our take on Clint Eastwood's movie magic.

Animal Telepathy can really take you places. In the case of “Dar” - saving a city from barbarians, rescuing a slave girl from a sorcerer, and making friends with bat people. Being a well-oiled bodybuilder is just a bonus, apparently.

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