Christian Slater is a teenage loner who kicks the proverbial hornet's nest at his new high school while airing his teen angst over pirate radio. Should you tune in "Hard Harry's" Gen X broadcast and Pump Up The Volume or switch it off? Everybody knows... do you?

A punk rock sci-fi comedy satire starring Emilio Estevez and Harry Dean Stanton! Genius filmmaking or just a plate of shrimp? Hear our special guest reviewer philosophize.

Tim Allen leads an all-star cast into space. This goofy sci-fi satire rises above the cheap shots of a spoof - but is it a movie we should never give up? Never surrender?

"That stuff'll kill you" seems to be the motivator for this not so subtle horror-esque satire reminding us that we don't know what's in our food. We do know what's in the movie: goofy karate, silly detectives, and killer Marshmallow Fluff fill in the cracks. But does it have the right... Stuff?

Blackmail, murder, hidden identities. The usual mystery ingredients are spiced up by Daryl Zero - world's greatest agoraphobic detective. Is this understated mystery romcom too subtle? Is passion the enemy of precision? Can you only rent silence? We speak up.

Can anyone not named John Hughes make a decent teenage movie? Patrick Dempsey rents popularity but does this nerd actually "buy" love in the end? Does hanging out with cheerleaders make you cool? See how your answers match with the key. (Disclaimer: Key created by The Film with Three Brains dorks).

Steven Seagal is a Brooklyn cop out for revenge, out for violence, out for bad accents, out for goofy knee fighting, but is he Out for Justice? Let us tell you something...

A farce during the Holocaust? Roberto Benigni directs himself as an audacious Italian Jew in service of an even more audacious premise -- laughter can brighten our darkest moments. Bold, bad, blasphemous, brilliant? With which brain do YOU agree most?

When you Ish upon a Tar

Makes no difference who it stars.

Slapstick espionage

Leaves a scar.

Oh look, it's Charles Grodinnnnnnnn.

Looking to share Halloween with the man of your dreams? Spunky, striped-sweater'ed night owl seeks to kill time with that special someone. Tune in at midnight, sharp. Happy Halloween!

A nerdy high schooler races the clock to dodge an after-school fight wit the new bully on the block in this oft-overlooked teen comedy. Our first surprise guest confesses the profound influence this movie had on his life!(?) Parking lot, 3 o'clock - let's go!

John Cusack and Dan Ackroyd carry this hitman-high school reunion mashup. Comedy, romance, action and a killer soundtrack. But does it still hit its mark? We aim to find out.

This trippy, nearly incomprehensible Japanese horror film filled with soon-to-be-dead teenage girls almost paved the way for a Lady Godzilla who shoots fire from her "bazookas." Join in, 'cuz your curiosity can't resist this click bait!

This cult classic contains Kung Fu, monsters, ancient Chinese secrets, a nosy lawyer and Kurt Russell claiming, "It's all in the reflexes." Hear our super extra special guest reviewer expound why all other movies suck.

While "Without Warning" predates "Predator" by 7 years, both star Kevin Hall as an alien hunter stalking humans in the woods. Stick around. Hear what makes a creature feature tick, fizzle, or explode!

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