Dolly Parton steals scene after scene from Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin in this revenge comedy about three women getting even with their misogynistic boss. Do jokes about inequality still ring true? And does anyone really work 9 to 5 in this new economy? Punch in for the punchline.

A demure mimic sounds golden to sleazy star-maker, Michael Caine when he hears the pitch-perfect imitation of her late father's favorite songbirds (Ella, Judy, Marlene, Marilyn, Shirley). Little Voice's motormouth mom, under his sugar-tongued spell, dreams of riches, romance and rescue... in no particularly order. This sleeper comedy earned more awards nominations than money but is it still worth singing its praises?

After a prison breakout, two laugh-out-loud cops stakeout the knockout that the bad guy used to take out. Detective Richard Dreyfus falls for the girl at the local checkout, they hang out, cookout and make out until said bad buy pops out for a punch-out. Turn out to see how Stakeout shakes out.

Rushed to the screen (just behind rival flick, Breakin') to capitalize on the breakdancing fad, this forgotten flick captures the birth of hip hop like no other. Do the Robot, beatbox and graffiti deserve a remix? Put on some old school headphones and hear us spin.

Four thieves steal diamonds as a team but when it comes to dividing the loot, double crosses abound in John Cleese's comedy. This forgotten award-winning film is clever, nearly farcical, just don't call it s-s-stupid. Steal some time to tune in!

This Peter Fonda, Warren Oates vehicle is literally a 36 ft camper. It's also a front runner for the horror on wheels genre. There's no devil, but a bunch of ne'er-do-well Texan Satanists armed with rattlesnakes chasing our heroes... why wouldn't you want to watch this?

Jim Carrey stars as The Cable Guy who tries too hard to make friends with a customer (Matthew Broderick, again!) and things go haywire. This Ben Stiller comedy was too dark for 90's critics but what about today's audiences? Lighten up and listen... "no big deeeeeeeal."

Do you like movies about gladiators? You ever seen a grown man naked? Have you ever been in a Turkish prison? No, not Airplane... Billy Hayes' autobiographical* Midnight Express proves one should "never let the truth get in the way of a good story." Oliver Stone's award-winning screenwriting debut destroyed Turkish tourism; is it still worth it?

An average guy (Bill Paxton) and two underachievers (Billy Bob Thornton & friend) come across four million "lost" dollars in the woods and agree to a plan to keep it. Bad decisions abound in this viscerally uncomfortable thriller. Does an Oscar-nominated performance elevate its rewatchability, or is it still just a guilty pleasure?

A teenage boy tried to out the vampire next door in this campy 80's horror flick. The vamp raises the stakes by stealing the teen's girlfriend and soon everyone is out for blood. Might Fright Night delight? Hear us sink our teeth into it.

When does Death Become Her? How does Death Become Her? Why does Death Become Her? And who is her? This isn't just another Meryl Streep, Goldie Hawn CGI-ridden goofball comedy... or is it? Hear a guest brain tell us the answers! Hint: Do you know what they do to soft, bald, overweight Republicans in prison, Ernest?

Sharp-tongued store clerks shoot the sh*t in this slacker gen-X comedy. Kevin Smith's debut influenced a generation of indie filmmakers but is it worth being a repeat customer? Join the Brains as they take on the phenomenon of Clerks, wherever you buy chewing gum.

Disney accidentally launches 5 kids into space (but only three are propelled to stardom) in this feel good family flick from '86. Are Space Shuttle movies still out of this world?

Have the brains reviewed enough movies to say this is a Beastmaster/Ferris Bueller's Day off mashup? Are they mature enough to say it takes more than Michelle Pfeiffer eye candy to make a movie worthwhile? Tune in for a real beast of a fantasy.

John Goodman plays a larger than life B-movie maker in Joe Dante's not quite coming-of-age homage to 1950's creature features. When the film with a film is better than the film itself, will the Brains even care... or has the radiation poisoning already set in?

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