John Cusack and Dan Ackroyd carry this hitman-high school reunion mashup. Comedy, romance, action and a killer soundtrack. But does it still hit its mark? We aim to find out.

This trippy, nearly incomprehensible Japanese horror film filled with soon-to-be-dead teenage girls almost paved the way for a Lady Godzilla who shoots fire from her "bazookas." Join in, 'cuz your curiosity can't resist this click bait!

This cult classic contains Kung Fu, monsters, ancient Chinese secrets, a nosy lawyer and Kurt Russell claiming, "It's all in the reflexes." Hear our super extra special guest reviewer expound why all other movies suck.

While "Without Warning" predates "Predator" by 7 years, both star Kevin Hall as an alien hunter stalking humans in the woods. Stick around. Hear what makes a creature feature tick, fizzle, or explode!

Today the world really is a stage and everyone is auditioning, so what does a 1980 musical about a high school for the performing arts in gritty NYC have to offer? Tune in and wake up, class is in session.

A boy and his Wyld Stallyn become besties on a desert island after a boat wreck. Is this feel good flick more creative than naming a Black Stallion, "The Black?" Listen up, neighsayers.

Sentimental and slapstick, is it more than Robin Williams's DJ schtick that makes this comedic war flick click? Tune in quick for this week's pick.

Waterworld¬†ūüé∂¬†waterman, does whatever a watering can. Toes are webbed, gill-ed head, over budget, box office dead.¬† We spout . . . about the water maaaan!

Our first foray into anime paved the way for films like The Matrix and Avatar. But was this seminal sci-fi flick titillating or were we cyber "punked"?

Before Daniel Craig's gritty incarnation, James Bond was a suave Pierce Brosnan, with double the double entendre. His first turn as 007 is also the first to stray from Ian Fleming's writing. Did the end result poke a franchise in the eye or procure a debonair delight?

It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark and we're wearing sunglasses. Hit it.

It's a showdown at the Ok Corral as we present our first Versus episode.  Tombstone vs Wyatt Earp.  "Same same but different." Which one will end up in a pine box? Hear us shoot from the hip on this Western trip.

The plot thickens. Hitchcock eschews MacGuffins for laughs in this "who-is-gonna-get-away-with-what" flick. Is his final film a firework or a fizzler? Listen to us Ooo and Ahh.

Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh team up to beat up the bad guys. Need we say more? Well, we do.

Ernest Dickerson's directorial debut features four friends struggling to gain respect in Harlem. Is their "cure" worse than the disease? Can too much juice be worse than none at all? We discuss Tupac's first leading film role days after his should be 49th birthday. May he rest in power on this Juneteenth.

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